Democracy and Governance Advisory Services Unit (DGASU)

The DGASU provides consultancy and advisory services relating to governance and democracy. These services range from legislative drafting, legal research, policy formulation, evaluation and monitoring services, development of skills, capacity building, awareness creation, advocacy and development progammes.

In Kenya for instance, the governance structure has been reorganized by the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 (COK, 2010). On the hand, the economic landscape is being redefined by the Vision 2030, Kenya’s economic blue print. Accordingly, there is need for government bodies and institutions to align their laws and policies to the COK, 2010 and Vision 2030. To this end PAMC’s DGASU has assembled a team of experts from diverse backgrounds equipped with various skills and capabilities to assist government entities and institutions undertake democracy, governance and economic policy and legislative reforms and related services necessary to meet the objectives of COK, 2010 and Vision 2030.

The projects we undertake are wide ranging and include good governance, civil service reform, institutional capacity building, decentralization, economic reform, and educational and social development. PAMC has thus successfully undertaken consultancy to research and propose reviews to the Central Bank of Kenya Act, on behalf of the Central Bank of Kenya and on behalf of Transparency International-Kenya, a consultancy to research and write a proposed Bill for an Act of Parliament to Prescribe a Framework for procurement of goods and asset disposal to give effect to Article 227of the Constitution.